Bali Overview
World Wide Tours India Private Limited introduces you to the country of diversity – Indonesia, where you can find people speaking diverse languages with different culture. There are approximately 100 of Volcanic Island; it is famous for its beaches and tropical environment.
In your Bali tour package you will relish water sport activities, beautiful sun rise and sun set points, delicious cuisine etc. This island has something for everyone, where they are coming for adventure, pilgrim, beaches, honeymoon or family trip. Explore the destination such as Kintamani Volcano, tirta Gangga Palace, Gate of Heaven at Lempuyang, tegallalang rice terraces, Pura taman Ayun, Pura tirta Empul etc.
Bali is renowned for its oil massage and spa session everywhere, so you get here best eminence of soaps, spa products, perfumes etc.
You will be pleased to visit this Island, as it is awarded the best Island of the world. In your Bali Package, you get an opportunity to stay at private pool villas at low budget. So, we can say tourist gets luxury stay by spending few pennies.

• Experience delicious dining on the cruise in the romantic nature, followed by a cultural dance performance and live music session
• Explore the market and purchase kickshwas from the Kuta area; also you will get to know about the lifestyle
• Enjoy memorable glimpse of sunrise from the top of an active volcano
• Experience the day by visiting the Buddha Vihara and its monastery.

Things to carry:
• Valid Id proof
• Water bottle
• Swimwear
• Walking shoes
• Daypack for day trips and adventures
• Sarong, for a quick cover up in temples or cool evenings

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Net per adult

Sensational Bali

Sensational Bali 03 nights 04 days
Net per adult

Honeyed Bali

Honeyed Bali 04 nights 05 days
Net per adult

Essential Bali

Essential Bali 05 nights 06 days
Net per adult

Fascinating Bali

Fascinating Bali 04 nights 05 days
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